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When it comes to getting quality cuts of meat, look no further than Jasper Meats. Our dedication to quality was instilled in our founder and continues to this day. We take pride in providing our customers with the very best meat that we have to offer at an affordable price. Jasper Cali started selling fine meat products to the people of Chicago in 1948, and Jasper Meats has been carrying on that tradition with its founding by his daughter and son-in-law. With a USDA certified pork slaughter facility in-house and dealing with top quality producers, Jasper Meats is a name you know you can trust.

Quality Meat Suppliers Chicago

Quality is a word that often gets thrown around a lot, but how does Jasper keep create such quality meat products? First, we start with meat brought in fresh directly from farms close by, that also pride themselves on providing the highest quality product. Next, our in-house butchers and processors create the cuts for you, the consumer. Then the cuts are shipped out to you in refrigerated trucks to ensure that they are as fresh as can be to provide the best tasting meats for your customers.

Butchers Chicago

Butcher carving raw pork.

A butcher is more than just someone that cuts meat. A skilled butcher, Chicago, will know how to cut the meat to get the most from each part of the animal and will know what quality the meat will be for the final product. It use to be that people had a close relationship with their butcher, and he would make sure that they get the best cuts, but over time cost cutting at big chains has done away with the butcher and made them nothing more than a processor. At Jasper Meats we don’t believe that. We have butchers on site to help ensure that the quality stays in our meats and are available to talk to on Saturdays when we are open to the public!